V  Estonia Summer Cup 13.08.2018 - 17.08.2018

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Welcome to Estonia!!!

Annual traditional big international tournament in Estonia among boys  will be held from August 16-25 in the city of Narva, Sillamae, Johvi and Kohtla-Jarve, who are on the north-eastern Estonia, on the border with Russia. The tournament will take place on artificial grass fields and these cities.


Date Age class Players Match time



Substitutions City
16-18.08 2003-2004 11 vs 11 2x25 min № 5 yes free Narva
21-23.08 2005 9 vs 9 2x18 min № 4 yes free Narva
 23-25.08 2006 9 vs 9 2x18 min № 4 yes free Sillamäe
21-23.08 2007 7 vs 7 2x15 min № 4 no free Narva
23-25.08 2008 7 vs 7 2x15 min № 4 no free Sillamäe
21-23.08 2009 5 vs 5 2x12 min № 3 no free Narva
23-25.08 2010 5 vs 5 2x10 min № 3 no free Sillamäe
21-23.08 2011 5 vs 5 2x10 min № 3 no free Sillamäe


Sillamae is located in north-eastern Estonia, Ida-Viru county, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland and the pine forest, in the confluence of the rivers Sytke, near the Estonian-Russian border. Distance from Sillamae to Tallinn - 180 km, Narva - 25 km, to St. Petersburg - 170 km. Highway passes through the town Tallinn - Narva - Saint Petersburg.

Narva is the third largest city in Estonia with a rich history. The city is located 14 km from the mouth of the River Narva (Narva or) on the left bank, 140 km north west of the Russian capital and 210 km east of Tallinn, on the border with Russia. And on the right bank of the Narva River, respectively facing Narva, located Ivangorod.

Jõhvi located in the north-eastern Estonia, the capital of Ida-Viru County. The city is situated in the northeastern part of the eponymous hill, 160 km from Tallina, 50 kilometers from Narva. From the south, the city is bordered by Ahtme part of Kohtla-Jarve.


Kohtla-Järve (Russian: Кохтла-Ярве) is a city and municipality in north-eastern Estonia, founded in 1924 and incorporated as a town in 1946. The city is highly industrial, and is both a processor of oil shales and is a large producer of various petroleum products. The city is also very diverse ethnically: it contains people of over 40 ethnic groups[2] Only 21% of the population are ethnic Estonians; most of the rest are Russians. Kohtla-Järve is the fifth-largest city in Estonia.


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Waiting for you in the solar Estonia!!! See you!!!


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